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With October on the horizon, Archie Comics prepares to entertain its fans with a new series of scary stories. Four new one-shot comics will pit the teens of Riverdale against some truly paranormal threats.

The Archie brand experienced some kind of incredible revival when they took the bold step of releasing Afterlife with Archie, an ongoing non-canon about a zombie outbreak in Riverdale. The runaway success of the series led to a sister book, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a more horror-centric take on Greendale’s favorite teenage witch. It might not look like Archie Comics would work as horror, but fans spoke and before long the publisher had many one-shots and titles in the works reimagining its classic characters as horror protagonists. . From turning Jughead into a werewolf to Veronica into a vampire, the Archie Horror brand has been doing some seriously creative things with America’s teens. Starting in September, Archie’s crew will experience several gruesome new adventures that will last throughout October.

In an exclusive with Fangoria, Archie Comics revealed a new event known as “Month of Mayhem”. For four weeks, the publisher will release a new book featuring an Archie character just in time for Halloween. The series revealed are three anthology books, Chilling Adventures Presents… Stranger Mysteries, Return of chilling adventures in sorcery, Fear the Funhouse, and a unique story Salem’s Chilling Adventures. All four titles feature a number of notable comic book creators such as Cullen Bunn, Magdalene Visaggio, and Frank Tieri, among others. The titles will cover topics ranging from sci-fi, fantasy and, of course, horror. Inspired by titles such as Goose bumps and HereditaryMayhem month promises to have something for all horror fans.

Archie as a brand of horror has undoubtedly succeeded. The return of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was eagerly received by fans, showing that there’s still a huge demand for terrifying takes on the teenagers of Riverdale. While readers may wonder if Afterlife with Archie will ever rise from the grave and conclude its story, the publisher ensures that horror always has a place among its many experimental books in the Archie universe.

For a brand that’s been around as long as Archie, it’s managed to keep its characters from stagnating by making some really creative choices. Whether it’s a bizarre crossover, giving teenage superpowers, or pitting Riverdale’s Archie against the Predator, there’s never been a lack of creativity from the publisher. These new one-shots continue Archie’s proud tradition of placing his cast and crew into wildly uncharted territory to tell truly unique stories. Fans in need of spooky stories for Halloween should turn to Archie to get their dose of thrills and chills.

Look for the new blitz Archie horror titles when they come out in October!

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Archie Kicks Off Blitz Horror Month For October With New One-Shots – GameSpot

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