All the questions we ask ourselves about the Coperni spray dress

Coperni loves science and technology. It is also the heart of the brand of Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the two Frenchies have conquered fashionistas and now the stars (we are talking about you Kylie Jenner). Proof of the importance they are taking on the fashion scene, their parade has been held for two seasons at the end of the day. You have to finish well. This October 30 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, everyone was expecting a show. No one was disappointed. After a demonstration of the Coperni style punctuated by creations that are still just as desirable and it-bags in the making, Bella Hadid comes forward, in a simple thong, in front of the public. The scientist Manel Torres and one of his colleagues then began to spray white liquid on his body. A painting demonstration à la McQueen? At all ! Upon contact with Bella’s skin, the material solidifies and takes on the appearance of fabric. At the end of the process, a member of the team Coperni comes to sculpt a collar and an opening at the level of the leg. Bella rushes, majestic, with her dress created before our eyes. Obviously, the spray dress became the sensation of this fashion week. A fashion feat that nevertheless raises a few questions…

All our questions about the spray dress

Already, how? The sad truth of our studies in fashion and/or journalism is that science has not been our forte. Besides, we no longer have any idea! We’re this close to explaining the spray dress through witchcraft. After all, fashion is indeed a form of magic…

Isn’t it cold? Not everyone has Bella Hadid’s self-control, definitely the greatest model of her generation if we are to believe this last fashion week. The supermodel is there, impassive, sublime, captivating, while a strange liquid is sprayed on her. If the latter looks like paint, not sure that we manage, we poor mortals, to keep our calm!

Can she survive a night of debauchery? Admittedly, the finished product can last the time of a podium and the photos that followed backstage. But what about when you go by Uber to a club? We want an answer before choosing the spray dress to go dancing!

Are Coperni really the first to make spray dresses? Not really… But to offer this technique such an echo, yes! In fact, the scientist Manel Torres (present on the parade) and the Spanish company Fabrican developed in 2010 this liquid capable of becoming fabric! It took the wild imagination of Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillat (who worked for six months with Torres and his teams at London’s Bioscience Innovation Centre, we learn vogue), to create a magical moment!

Can we afford the spray dress? Can we call the teams Coperni so that they come to our house to pulverize a dress? Will it be possible to do this in store? And at what price? New dream: call Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant to spray our wedding dress live on D-Day!

All the looks from the Coperni Spring/Summer 2023 show

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All the questions we ask ourselves about the Coperni spray dress

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