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The Witch Sellen is an NPC selling Ring of Elden which will provide tarnished ones wishing to master the arcane arts with new sorcery spells in exchange for runes. When the protagonist first encounters her, the number of sorceries she sells is somewhat limited. However, by finding three sorcery scrolls hidden on the world map and presenting them to Sellen, mages can increase the witch’s available spell offerings in Ring of Elden.

To do business with Sellen, Ternished must first discover its location in Limgrave. The Sorceress Merchant can be found in the Waypoint Ruins, east of Lake Agheel. Following, Ring of Elden players will need to defeat the Mad Pumpkin Head boss guarding the entrance to his chamber. Once the gourd-headed beast has been subdued, Tarnished can open the door to the boss’s lair to access Sellen’s office. Keep in mind that there are intelligence stat requirements to cast the sorceries she offers. Additionally, the hidden Sorcery Scrolls players find for Sellen will unlock additional dialogues but are not required to progress his questline.

Sellen’s first Scroll of Sorcery is known as the Scroll of the Royal Household and is located directly south of the Waypoint Ruins in Ring of Elden. It can be looted from the corpse on top of a large piece of rubble which can be climbed on the south side. Watch out for two nearby elite enemies, a Kaiden horseman and a mimic soldier who transforms into a giant bear. Give the Royal House Scroll to Sellen to purchase the Sparkling Knuckle and Carian Slicer.

Where to find Sellen’s Sorcery Scrolls in Elden Ring

The Scroll of the Academy is the second scroll of sorcery, located in a graveyard northeast of the Church of Irith in Liurnia of the Lakes. Tarni can reach this location by completing Stormveil Castle or by walking along the hidden cliffside path east of the first Legacy dungeon. Return this scroll to Sellen to unlock the Great Glintstone Shard and Swift Glintstone Shard sorceries in Ring of Elden.

The third and final Scroll of Sorcery is called the Scroll of Conspectus and can be looted from a corpse within Raya Lucaria Academy. To find it, Terni must reach the Site of Grace in the school classroom. In the hallway guarded by several Raya Lucaria wizards, head to the door on the left. The body with the Conspectus Scroll will lie flat on the ground in plain sight. Giving this scroll to Witch Sellen will make the Cometshard and Glintstone Stellar Shower available for purchase.

Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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