Algerian fans accuse Morocco, Tunisia and African countries of witchcraft (video)

Algeria is on the verge of elimination during this African Cup of Nations in Cameroon. The defending champions only took a small point after two games against Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea. The meeting against Ivory Coast this Thursday will be decisive for Djamel Belmadi’s men, who will absolutely have to win against another favorite for the title. In the event of elimination from the CAN group stage, all of Algeria would be shaken, a few months before the play-offs to participate in the next World Cup, which will take place at the end of 2022 in Qatar..

And before this decisive match against the Ivorians, all kinds of controversies are emerging in Algeria, including rumors of witchcraft…

Voices are raised in Algeria

While the Fennecs are in a very perilous situation at the CAN, the Algerians see it as a sign of witchcraft. According to the TSA media, ‘voices in Algeria cry out for the African gri-gri’. Indeed, some fans of the African champions are convinced that their team has been the victim of a bad spell. Thoughts rooted in Algerian society as TSA reminds us, moreover when Algeria plays on the African continent. What tilts some Algerian supporters are the many failures in front of the goals of the Fennecs.

Against Sierra Leone and then Equatorial Guinea, Djamel Belmadi’s men had plenty of unconverted chances. Commentator Hafid Derradji also alluded in the match to a ball which refused to return, in a ‘strange and dubious’ way.

According to TSA, an exorcist (raki), named Ibn Al Chanfara, even offered to help Algeria to overcome bad luck and thus change the situation.

He indicates in particular that “abnormal” things happened during the meeting between Algeria and Equatorial Guinea. For him, no witchcraft but only an evil eye. Ibn Al Chanfara therefore wants to be present for the Algerian selection on a daily basis. It would not be a novelty because in the past, the Fennecs have already been accompanied by a raki in their internships and trips.

Note that in the face of rumours, the Algerian Federation had to deny the fact of having called on an exorcist.

But what especially caught the attention is a micro-sidewalk made in Algeria. We can see some of them making accusatory remarks about their adversaries, in particular Morocco, Tunisia and the black people…

Algerians think of witchcraft:

The Web comments

Inevitably such a sequence quickly made people talk on the Web.

We could see in particular as comments on the subject :

  • “However, it would be necessary to call on a raki. Because there it is abused”
  • “The Algerian Federation of Soccer confirms that no RAKI is present here in Douala with the Algerian team haha”
  • “Mdrr there is an Algerian who went to see a raki against witchcraft for Algeria to win on Thursday, what a people really”
  • “β€œThey are bewitched!”: Raki Ibn Chanfara offers his help to the Algerian team…, it’s nonsense hahaha”
  • “The North Africans at the slightest difficulty can accuse people from their families of witchcraft but that wants to make all the Algerian people pass for bad people for a video of an old Algerian woman who says that Algeria has lost because of the Moroccan witchcraft


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Algerian fans accuse Morocco, Tunisia and African countries of witchcraft (video)

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