A weekend full of spooky Halloween entertainment in the northern Ardennes

Fort Charlemont will be immersed in a spooky atmosphere this weekend, with entertainment that should make visitors shiver. Other activities will be offered on the territory, throughout the weekend.

Another novelty, the laser tag. The activity, which was particularly popular this summer, will be immersed in a terrifying atmosphere. ” We have also redesigned the game modes, says Laurine Godart. We will offer a Battle Royal version, where all opponents will compete and where there will only be one survivor. There will also be a more classic version, but it could be that a zombie disrupts the gaming experience. »

Two courses in the siege hospital

Like last year, the headquarters hospital will also be immersed in a frightening atmosphere. ” A lot of adults screamed last year on the course, but it was realized that a lot of visitors came with children, emphasizes the moderator. We have therefore also redesigned this animation by offering two routes to discover the different rooms of the hospital. One for the little ones, the other from 10 years old, with extras who will try to surprise the participants. Children will also be able to take advantage of other activities such as storytelling, creative activities and even a make-up stand.

Finally, all audiences will be able to scare themselves by going to meet Viscera and Garnouillska, two witches who have come out of the forest to haunt Charlemont.

The highlight of the show will probably be the evening hosted by DJ Mouss, Saturday, from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Costumes are of course welcome!

Alicia Gach

with our correspondents

Exceptionally, no visit will be possible this weekend. Charlemont will only be accessible for Halloween events, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Escape game from 16 years old €25/person for groups of 3 to 4, €20 for groups of 5 to 6. Laser game, 10 people maximum, €10/player.

Evening on Saturday, €5 entry. Snacks on site. Information on the website www.charlemont-citadelle-de-givet.fr

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A weekend full of spooky Halloween entertainment in the northern Ardennes

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