A film shot in the Bocage with the theme of witchcraft

Shooting in a natural environment is pleasant but not always easy. At l’Etape en Forêt, the bursts of laughter and the hiss of the zip lines gave the technicians and the actors a lot of trouble. ©DR

We had already shot the first part of the film in June, which takes place in the heart of the village of Saint-Sever-Calvados : square, bocage bar and town hall. The sequence shot this week concerns the encounter with witches. The filming took place at the motte castrale and on the site of l’Etape en Forêt. We still have a small scene to shoot in a few weeks at Caen “, details Benjamin Hubert, actor, screenwriter and coordinator of the KinoCaen.

“A beautiful echo”

In parallel with the shooting of this last scene, the post-production of the film will begin, ie image editing, sound mixing and any retouching (voice dubbing, color grading, etc.). We were already delighted to see that this participative project had a good echo in the population with many people having responded to support us in the various stages of production such as writing workshops, costume making and to appear and act in the film. But on this session, I am impressed by the investment of this group of witches, in particular the three little girls who play a major role in the film “.

17 professionals and 20 amateur actors

For this filming session, KinoCaen brought together a team of 17 professionals, two professional actresses, and around twenty amateur actors and extras. “If I had to take stock of today, honestly, from the beginning, it has only been good surprises, in particular by the welcome we have received from people as well as from structures, associations and the municipality. . With a special mention to the teams from l’Etape en forêt who left us free on their site for three days with extraordinary coolness, “says Benjamin who does not deny having encountered a few small technical problems here and there.

“We always meet them. Especially within the framework of a production as ambitious as the one carried out on the territory of Noues-de-Sienne with a lot of costumes, sets, constructions, camera movements… “.

The night in Saint-Sever

The professional evokes in particular one of the last scenes shot at night in the forest of Saint-Sever, at the Motte Castrale. “It was tough because we were very late in setting up all the elements of the scene, to finish filming around 4:30 in the morning. But congratulations to the whole team for keeping it in a good mood and especially to the witches who were remarkably patient and understanding. But we are sticking to the initial schedule, which is satisfactory.”

The film should therefore be presented in preview at Noues-de-Sienne this fall. And why not elsewhere too! “.

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A film shot in the Bocage with the theme of witchcraft

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