6 Reasons Why Wong Should Be The Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange introduced us to a world of magic and sorcery. After the Ancient One’s death, Doctor Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme. So who is the Sorcerer Supreme? According wonder, the Sorcerer Supreme is a “practitioner of the mystical or magical arts who has greater skill than all others or who commands a greater portion of ambient magical energies than any other organism on a given world or “dimension.” However, after the events of Infinity Wars, Wong had to take over the job, as Strange was wiped out during the Blip. Wong continues to remain the Sorcerer Supreme until the events of Doctor Strange 2, and with good reason. Here are a few reasons why Wong is much better suited as Sorcerer Supreme.

1. Friendly and respected

Kamar Taj in Doctor Strange 2

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When you are the Sorcerer Supreme, you have hundreds of wizards watching you and waiting for your orders, especially in times of peril. It is a position that commands a great deal of respect. Wong is a much more respected and beloved person in general. Dr. Strange, while powerful, isn’t the most approachable or warmest person. This is clearly seen in Doctor Strange 2. While preparing Kamar Taj for Scarlet Witch’s next attack, he manages to gather wizards from around the world and orders them to secure the city. His followers revere him and even bow down to him as is the custom.

2. He is a team player

Stephen Strange’s arrogance and personality often cause him to clash with others. Wong puts up with it and has incredible patience, but that’s not true for everyone. As seen in Infinity Wars, his personality immediately clashed with Iron Man. However, Wong’s humble and responsible nature makes him perfect for the job. The other superheroes trust him and thus the communication is effective. This can be seen in the end credits of Shang Chi as he talks to Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers.

3. He has a lot more experience

Wong Explains Infinity Stones

Wong Explains Infinity Stones

Wong may have been a librarian in Doctor Strange, but he’s had several mystical assignments over the years. He also accumulated immense knowledge by reading books and through his experience. Dr. Strange may have the skills and power to be the Sorcerer Supreme, but he certainly doesn’t have enough experience. Wong is also well versed in the use of ancient relics. He knows much more about this world than the others. We see his vast knowledge when he talks about the origin of the Infinity Stones and even the Darkhold.

4. Responsible and careful

Dr. Strange in Spiderman

Dr. Strange in Spiderman

Dr. Strange thinks very little about the consequences of his actions and therefore finds himself in trouble quite often. Wong, on the other hand, is much more cautious. He knows how dangerous this world can be and how every spell can have unimaginable repercussions. He is much more responsible when it comes to the use of his powers. Carrying the weight of protecting the world from magical threats isn’t so easy after all. While Stephen Strange’s reckless decision to cast the Identity Spell to help Peter Parker nearly shattered the multiverse.

5. Humility versus arrogance

Benedict Wong as Wong in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

Benedict Wong as Wong in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

Wong shows the utmost humility and knows when to delegate tasks. Instead of doing everything himself, he identifies his weaknesses and steps aside when needed. He trusts other wizards to do their job and knows how to set priorities. Doctor Strange, on the other hand, lets his ego and pride make his decisions rather than logic and justification. He wants to solve all the problems himself and show off his powers whenever he gets the chance. While he might save the day, it’s Wong’s humility and confidence that allows him to let Strange take the reins. In fact, even during Infinity Wars, Wong lets go of Strange when captured by Ebony Maw. He trusts Strange to take care of him and understands that there are more pressing matters that require his presence. If it was Dr. Strange, he probably would have gone after Maw thinking he could do anything.

6. The Sorcerer Supreme should be a good teacher

Wong's Knowledge

Wong’s Knowledge

It has always been said that the best students often make the worst teachers. It is absolutely true in this case. Wong, with his knowledge and experience, is a much better teacher. Her warm and approachable personality also gives her an added edge.

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6 Reasons Why Wong Should Be The Sorcerer Supreme

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