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Elden Ring generated a lot of hype this year, attracting new players in addition to longtime fans of developer FromSoftware. Less than a month after its release, Elden Ring has sold 12 million copies .

For those who discover games FromSoftware, you’ll need to understand a few lessons that veterans already know. But even those who know Dark Souls , Bloodborne Where Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will encounter features not seen in previous developer entries.

Which starting class should I choose?

When creating a character, you have the choice between 10 classes. As is the case with previous Souls-like games developed by FromSoftware, the starting class determines your weapons and stats, but ultimately your character growth will be limitless. Classes designed for melee combat can eventually learn spells and become adept users of magic as players level up their characters.

If you want to start with a melee character, go for a warrior, hero, wanderer, or samurai. All four have solid starting weapons as well as defensive stats to take a hit. The samurai has the advantage of having a bow for long range attacks, a shield and the Ushigatana with his strong draw weapon skill while the wanderer is the strongest class in strength and in health .

The astrologer and the prophet are the two starting magic classes. The first casts sorcery, while the second uses incantations. Sorcery has the highest damage spells and incantations can both heal and protect characters as well as offensive attacks.

The Confessor is a hybrid class using both melee and incantations, while the Prisoner can make physical attacks and use spells. the Bandit is a unique rogue class designed to be stealthy and fight from a distance. Then there’s the Wretch, a class that starts out with minimal gear and stats designed primarily for veteran Souls players who want a extra challenge.

Gather all the resources

Elden Ring has a crafting system that, over the course of the game, allows you to craft a host of items to aid you in combat. To craft these items, you will need resources from defeated enemies or found scattered across the world.

Those resources are abundant – plants can be found practically everywhere – but they are not only useful for crafting items. You can also sell them for runes, the in-game currency. If you collect all the plants along your path, that’s thousands of runes that can be spent to upgrade your character when needed.

Pay attention to the menu

The Land Between is huge, so having a map is essential. He also has a lot of clues. As you complete map sectionsthis one will show buildings, islands and other remarkable structures. These locations on the map can be the location of bosses, dungeons, items, or characters.

But the map is divided into sections that you need to find first. If you’re in a new land without a map, look for a brownish lantern symbol. This is where the map fragment for this area is.

When traveling, keep an eye out for cabins and campfires. Shacks usually contain items or characters to talk to. Merchants will always be next to a campfire, so be sure to look for them.

If you find a point of interest that you want to return to, leave a marker for that location. You can place 100 different markers on the map.

If you’re having trouble, come back later

Unlike previous FromSoftware games, Elder Ring is an open world. This means there’s a huge map to explore, making it easier to find better weapons, summons, and most importantly, more runes. to level up. You don’t have to follow a linear path and the areas don’t have level requirements, so there’s nothing stopping you from coming back later. It’s also very likely that there were dungeons and other areas you missed.

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4 Simple tips to progress quickly on Elden Ring! – Mag Mirror

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