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Saint Kotar, a new psychological horror adventure game, has been given a definite release date on Nintendo Switch. We’ll see it on October 14, 2022. Saint Kotar was originally secured for Switch in 2020 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, SOEDESCO has taken over the publication of the game.

Saint Kotar is a psychological horror adventure set in an ancient rural town in Croatia. Play as two men of God trying to elucidate terrifying occult events and the disappearance of their relative. Discover your humanity… or descend into madness and death.

“What do you know about Saint Kotar, stranger? Saint Kotar is a psychological horror adventure set in a beautifully dark, hand-painted world. Its gripping soundtrack and captivating atmosphere follow you every step of your journey through this oppressive, ancient city, plagued by terrifying occult happenings and sorcery. Your decisions affect the plot experienced and the people encountered. You play two playable characters in this 20-hour adventure with multiple possible outcomes. The only question is whether you will discover your humanity, or whether you will descend into madness and death.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t tremble with dread. Late October 1996. Playing as Benedek Dohnany and Nikolay Kalyakin, you wake up from a terrible dream in the rural town of Sveti Kotar, Croatia. This is not your home, you have never been here, and even if you don’t know why, you have a suffocating feeling that terrible things are happening here.

“This town is about to descend into hell. Your relative’s disappearance may be linked to a macabre series of murders and strange phenomena in Sveti Kotar. This ancient city is subject to two realities: on the surface it is blessed by God, but underneath it is eaten away by terrifying occult happenings and sorcery.

“Change reality, my son. You search for the missing person by playing two men of God struggling with their own perceptions of reality; as you move from one to the other, reality shifts around you, affecting your progress in the plot and exposing more and more of their souls.

Publisher SOEDESCO, along with developer Indigo Studios, today announced that first-person horror game Charon’s Staircase will be released for Nintendo Switch. Its launch is also scheduled for October. Charon’s Staircase “focuses on exploration while telling a dark and dramatic story”. The game features ominous environments, menacing music, and fully vocalized narration that takes players “into a world filled with haunting atmospheres.” »

In this first-person horror and investigation game, your mission is to unearth the sinister past of a tyrannical government. Find and destroy the documents revealing the secrets of Oak Grove. Will you discover the terrible truth, as well as a way out? In the 1970s, a totalitarian regime called the Ministry ruled with an iron fist. During this period, they committed many inhumane and despicable acts, but that time is over. Now they want to join the European Union. You play as an agent codenamed “Desmond”. The Ministry sends you to recover and destroy secret documents in the Oak Grove estate, incriminating documents about the horrific activities of the past. On this trip, you will make a rather unpleasant and dreadful discovery: Project Alpha.

Wadjet Eye Games has announced Old Skies, a Nintendo Switch time travel adventure set in the same universe as Unavowed and the Blackwell mystery series.

Doublequote Studio has announced HeistGeist, a narrative RPG set in a cyberpunk version of Central Europe. The project is slated for a 2023 launch, and a Nintendo Switch version is confirmed.

In the game, you play as Alexandra, a quick-witted and doubly betrayed thief who goes on the run after a mission gone wrong. Seeking to escape the corporate assassins as well as a disgruntled customer, she will have to do what she can to stay alive as she prepares for the heist of her life. Although the game’s post-cyberpunk universe is set in the year 2040, it is based on real-life locations. In HeistGeist, you’ll have to “assemble a team of specialists, execute highly elaborate heists, fight card battles, and hack into the most secure corporate systems.” You can build a deck, use cyberspace to hack secure servers in a unique card-based puzzler, and more. It’s also worth noting that there’s a cast of fully vocalized characters.

Autonauts will be released on June 16 for €19.99.

Colonize uninhabited planets across the vastness of the universe and bring them to life through the powers of automation. Get out of your ship and initiate the colonization of many worlds by collecting natural resources. Create rudimentary tools from models, then start building worker robots to help you with your tasks. Train and shape their artificial intelligence using a graphical programming language, then command them to initiate the construction of your colonies. It’s hard not to marvel at the birth of your own civilizations of working robots, very happy to be under your orders! Keep growing and creating colonists, individuals who cannot survive without your help. Fishing, cooking, architecture and making clothes; Introduce your worker robots to a large number of tasks and help the settlers on their path to transcendence.

The RPG Drova: Forsaken Kin is announced for Nintendo Switch.

Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia will be released on the hybrid console’s online store (the eShop) on June 10 for $5.49.

A strange place full of fish from all over the world. Nobody really knows why they are there… and the reason for their presence does not seem to interest many people. Cast your lure in the lake and discover everything that hides there. Expect the unexpected with this game from the creators of Fatum Betula. In “Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia”, you play as a young boy who goes to Lake Ophelia to indulge in fishing. Spend the day by the water and trade your catch for delicious meals or new gear.

Pro Gymnast Simulator also arrives on June 10 but for €19.99.

Enjoy controlling every important movement of your athlete. Try your best to replicate real-world gymnastics or find your own style of play. This game gives you unlimited expressive freedom.

Bus Simulator City Ride is announced on Nintendo Switch for the end of the year.

The very special FPS Post Void will be released for Nintendo Switch on July 21.

ElecHead will be released on June 23 for 8€99.

In a world engulfed in darkness, hidden deep inside a factory, a ray of hope still shines. In ElecHead, play as Elec, a small robot whose mission is to bring light back into the world. Elec electrifies and activates everything it touches, walls, floors, platforms, switches, etc. He can also detach and throw his head to reach distant places, but be careful: if his head doesn’t return to his shoulders after ten seconds, he will power off. Elec will have to use his head, literally and figuratively, to work his way out of this trap-filled factory.

Plunder Dungeons is announced on Nintendo Switch for June 17 at 3€99.

Sokocat – Combo will be released on June 9 for 3e99.

Sokocat – Combo, brings two games from the series, Sokocat Islands and Sokocat Dungeon, a puzzle game that requires the player to push stone blocks to the correct position to reach the end of the level. The Sokocat Islands bring a tropical themed adventure; solve minimalist puzzles while listening to the sea and a relaxing soundtrack. Sokocat Dungeon, on the other hand, brings a mysterious adventure, Kitten Jone (the cat) must now find artifacts in the dungeons of a castle. Enjoy the islands, avoid the dungeon traps and keep pushing the blocks to the right place to succeed. I hope this cat has 9 lives.

Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief will be released on October 13 on Nintendo Switch. Join the honorable Ebizo on the streets of Mikado and put your thief skills to the test.


Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean is announced for Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Dangen Entertainment has announced that Lost Ruins, a 2D anime-inspired action and survival game, will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 6, 2022. The price of the game will be $20.

Lost Ruins is a side-scrolling 2D survival game where you play as a young girl with amnesia who wakes up in a strange and unknown place. Explore a dark and dangerous world, fight terrifying monsters and challenge ruthless bosses! In the heart of a dilapidated dungeon, a young girl wakes up with no memory of her past. Surrounded by horrible bloodthirsty monsters, she is rescued by the magician Beatrice and embarks with her help on a perilous adventure to discover who she is, and unlock the secrets of the Lost Ruins.

In Lost Ruins, combat can be both strategic and methodical. Slice enemies with a swipe of the blade, scorch them to perfection, or throw their own projectiles back at them. To arm yourself, you will have the choice between a wide selection of swords, axes and other weapons straight out of the medieval arsenal. People more comfortable with magic can cast many spells using wands, potions or scrolls. Burn monsters, freeze bosses or heal yourself to escape death. Choose your favorite style of play and create a spell caster that will totally suit you.

The world of Lost Ruins is dangerous. Sometimes being armed to the teeth with powerful weapons won’t be enough to save you, and that’s where accessories come in! Accessories are pieces of equipment with various and varied effects. One will be able to protect you against fire, another will cure you of poison. The right combination of accessories will give you a multitude of strategies during your adventure.

As you explore the depths of the insalubrious dungeons of Lost Ruins, you’ll find that if just about everything around you is out to kill you, the environment can be turned to your advantage. Some elements in the world will react with others realistically. Flammable liquids will ignite on contact with a lit lantern. Frost magic will freeze bodies of water, making them dangerously cold. The more you know how to use the environment to your advantage, the more efficient you will become.

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