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Without a doubt, whether portrayed as effortlessly charming and elegant or downright monstrous and hideous, witches have always been a big part of Halloween. And although legend has it that those who practice witchcraft ride broomsticks, that doesn’t always seem to be the case. All of these media approach the portrayal of a witch differently – sometimes she’s friendly, sometimes not so much.

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While ghosts and vampires are also fan favorites during spooky season, there’s clearly something about the witch themes that stands out. From the beloved Sabrina Spellman to the precious Sanderson sisters, these films and TV shows bring to the screen some of our favorite witches who are often enchanting and charismatic, whether they are heroines or antagonists.

‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ (2018-2020 TV series)

As the name suggests, Netflix is ​​deeply captivating Chilling Adventures of Sabrina follows the adventures of the teenage witch as she finds herself constantly torn between the magical world of her family and the human of her friends.

This fascinating – and darker, compared to the iconic Sabrina the Teenage Witch Series of the 90s – the reboot of the Archie Comics character is very appropriate for Halloween. Along with a healthy dose of sorcery, it also has a wide range of incredibly spooky scenarios that viewers can’t help but immerse themselves in during this time of year.

“The Witch” (2015)

Robert Egger‘incredible directorial debut, madly talented stars Anya Taylor Joy in its first film appearance and follows the very particular story of a family that begins to turn around soon after the mysterious disappearance of a newborn baby.

Although The witch may not be for everyone, it may be one of the best-crafted horror movies. Although it lacks jumpscares – which isn’t a fault at all and, on the contrary, the perfect asset in a Halloween movie essentially for those who are easily spooked – this macabre film is still thrilling and unsettling.

‘Sighs’ (1977)

Dario Argentois legendary sighs centers on a young American girl who goes to a famous ballet school in Germany only to realize that the academy is actually rather sinister and bizarre.

After acquiring the rights to the original film in 2008, Luca Guadagnino made a remake, featuring dakota johnson, mia goth and Tilda Swinton, from the highly influential horror film that finally premiered in 2018. While both versions of the film are great at portraying an intense horror fairy tale, there’s no doubt that the original tops the latter. Nonetheless, both are equally great Halloween watches, filled with color, witchiness, and a petrifying atmosphere that puts viewers on the edge of their seats.

“I Married a Witch” (1942)

Captivating Lake Veronica plays a charming but vengeful witch named Jennifer in this 1942 film. After being nearly burned at the stake for witchcraft during the 17th century Salem witch trials, Jennifer seeks revenge by placing a curse on her accuser’s family : sons will always marry the wrong woman and lead a dull life.

Perhaps one of the most underrated witchcraft movies, I married a witch is undoubtedly the hidden gem that everyone must watch during this time of year. Although it deals with Halloween themes, this Rene Clair the film is also comedic and light-hearted – a perfect choice for those who are always up for a laugh.

“The Craft” (1996)

This 90s teen movie follows a trio of teenage girls who attend a Catholic school and actively practice witchcraft. There isn’t much else to say about the movie other than that the characters are really cool and viewers will also wish they could conjure up spells and curses.

Which makes The job such entertainment look at how dark and innovative it is from a teen movie. While not objectively the best movie, it’s still a chilling and gripping watch that’s ultimately far better than the average movie in its genre.

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ (2013-2014 TV series)

The third season of american horror story remains a favorite among fans of the famous show. Set in New Orleans in 2013, it follows a clan of Salem witches fighting for their survival. Convent tells the story of witches and witchcraft in America.

More campy than previous seasons, AHS Season 3 is hypnotic and unsettling while telling the story of women (of all ages) in power. Taking audiences to unprecedented levels of horror and suspense while tackling topics of voodoo, witchcraft and murder, this season of the beloved series is a must-watch this Halloween.

“The Witch of Love” (2016)

Featuring Samantha Robinson like the ever-lovely Elaine Parks, The witch of love is a spellbinding and extremely aesthetic film about a charming modern-day witch who seduces men with her spells with terrible consequences.

Due to its vintage aesthetic, the fact that this movie premiered in 2016 is still quite amazing to some fans. Everything about it screams ’60s and ’70s, whether it’s the fashion and makeup choices or the technical things like lighting and color that were frequently seen in movies from those decades.

“Bell, Book and Candle” (1958)

Another underrated witchcraft treasure is that of 1958 Bell, Book and Candle. Much like the previously mentioned movie, it follows a modern-day witch who puts men under her spell. In this one, Kim NovakGillian Holroyd loves her neighbor and hates her fiancée, so she makes him love her instead.

Combining comedy and fantasy, this Richard Quine the film offers an interesting story with various spooky elements that make Bell, Book and Candle is perfect for those who don’t like horror movies but still want a festive Halloween watch.

“Practical Magic” (1998)

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock Bring Gillian and Sally to life, two very different young witches who were raised by their unconventional aunts, in this entertaining and dark comedy-drama. practical magic follows their characters as they struggle against a curse that prevents them from finding true love.

A big part of what’s great about this ’90s witchcraft flick, aside from all the sets and costumes, is the unparalleled Halloween vibe its atmosphere gives off. Whereas practical magic might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely an appropriate watch for this time of year. Plus, it screams girl power.

“Hocus Pocus” (1993)

It’s hardly news that Hocus Pocus is the Mandatory Halloween watch for adults and kids who are okay with a bit of naughty fun. Yet, for those unfamiliar with the film, it follows the awakening of a trio of evil witches who were executed in the 17th century.

There are many bewitching things about Hocus Pocus; what makes it even better is the fact that another spooky, nostalgia-filled episode came out this year just in time for Halloween – the Sanderson sisters bewitched Disney audiences twenty-nine years ago, and now Hocus Pocus 2 airs on Disney+.

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