Dossier $1.50 : Le tribunal de New York est-il compétent pour entendre la Unibank accusée de violations des lois Antitrust aux États-Unis ?

Dossier 150 Le tribunal de New York est il competent

Mercredi 14 décembre 2022 ((— C’est la question à laquelle la Cour de New York va devoir répondre dans les prochains jours après avoir reçu le mémorandum en rejet de la plainte des membres de la Diaspora haïtienne des États-Unis pour incompétence du tribunal  de la Unibank S.A. ainsi que la motion en opposition à … Read more

New York: How are companies enforcing the pay transparency law?

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Since 1er November, any job posting for a job opening in New York City must display the corresponding salary. The primary objective of this law, which applies to companies with four or more employees, is to reduce wage inequalities which continue to the detriment of women and ethnic minorities. But also to give weight to … Read more

New York will restrict the carrying of firearms as new state law takes effect. – The Inquirer 🇫🇷

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Amid the bright lights and electronic billboards of New York’s Times Square, city officials have erected signs proclaiming the bustling intersection a “gun-free zone”. Manhattan’s sprawling tourist attraction is one of many ‘sensitive’ places – including parks, churches and theaters – that will be banned from guns under a new state law that will take … Read more

From New York to London, fashion weeks logbook

From New York to London fashion weeks logbook

New York Thursday, September 8 After a few seasons of New York fashion downtempo, during which, even without talking about Covid-19, the great American designers had deserted the fashion show calendar, everyone was expecting a great reunion which would mean: “Yes, New York is back. » It was counting without Elizabeth II, whose death, on … Read more

In New York, Pap Ndiaye criticizes the “traces of anti-Americanism” in French politics

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PARIS: Violence against women continues to plunge the left into turmoil: LFI, bogged down in the Quatennens affair, came under fire from the majority pundits, while environmentalists suspended Julien Bayou from his co-presidency of the band. Asked about Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne judged “obviously extremely shocking to have someone who trivializes intra-family violence”. … Read more

New York horse-drawn carriages threatened with extinction

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Like yellow cabs, the Statue of Liberty or Broadway, horse-drawn carriages are New York clichés. But these tourist walks around Central Park are in the sights of elected officials and animal defenders who would prefer electric carts. “Manhattan is probably the worst place on the planet for a horse to work in, traffic, noise, pollution … Read more

Sidewalk Evangelism Pilot Project Enters New York City Adventist News

Sidewalk Evangelism Pilot Project Enters New York City Adventist News

September 9, 2022 | New York, United States | Sandra Dombrowski | Source : Adventist Mission and IAD Two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban centers by 2050, according to United Nations projections. In Western Europe, the Americas, Australia, Japan and much of the Middle East, 80 percent or more of the population … Read more

URGENT – Threatened with death for 33 years, Salman Rushdie, the author of the Satanic verses, stabbed in New York – The first images of the attack and the attacker who was arrested – Video

URGENT Threatened with death for 33 years Salman Rushdie.webp

6:15 p.m.: Salman Rushdie was attacked on stage. The amphitheater is evacuated”, wrote a witness on social networks No other information was available. Video images posted on social networks show spectators in a theater rushing on stage to help someone seen on the ground. Salman Rushdie, born in 1947 in Bombay, India, two months before … Read more