Take a deep breath: 3-month free trial of Calm Premium for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members

Take a deep breath 3 month free trial of Calm Premium

This time of year can be stressful. Whether it’s work, school, family or just life… a lot can be going on at the same time. We want to help you take the time to focus on yourself with our all-new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk from Calm, the #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. … Read more

Game Awards 2022: the BIG summary of all Xbox announcements is here

Game Awards 2022 the BIG summary of all Xbox announcements

Shorter than expected, the night of the Game Awards 2022 nevertheless kept all its promises. Between award ceremonies for the nominees in the different categories and the broadcast of trailers galore, our editorial team has once again refused the arms of Morpheus in order to cover the event live just for you! You weren’t there … Read more

Mojiken’s adventure game A Space for the Unbound (When The Past Was Around) available January 19, 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC – Nintendo-Difference

Mojikens adventure game A Space for the Unbound When The

Revealed over two years ago, A Space for the Unboundthe new game from the Indonesian studio mojiken (notably known for developing the much-loved When The Past Was Around, but also other titles like Divination, She and the Light Bearer, A Raven Monologue, Ultra Space Battle Brawl and even more), will finally be available on January … Read more

New Xbox games: releases for the week of November 21 (Gungrave GORE)

New Xbox games releases for the week of November 21

We continue on this busy month of November which spoils us every week. Sonic Frontiers, Soccer Manager 2023, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and pentiment We’re already ensuring good hours of play for the months to come, but new games continue to arrive on our Xbox consoles. This week they are Gungrave GORE and Evil … Read more

Xbox Free Play Days: 4 games are free this weekend including Madden NFL 23

There will be no season 2 for Saint Seiya on

Like every week, Microsoft makes Xbox games available for free for a weekend. This week, it’s the turn of Conan Exiles, Hunt: Showdown and the very recent Madden NFL 23 to join the list of titles on trial as part of Free Play Days. Remember that Riders Republic is also part of the games playable … Read more

Elden Ring: Faster Loading Times on Xbox Series X|S with Patch 1.05

Elden Ring Faster Loading Times on Xbox Series XS with

Today, FromSoftware is back with a fairly comprehensive new 1.05 patch rolled out for Elden Ring. This patch notably fixes many bugs and adds some features. A very good point for the last RPG of the Souls saga after an update deployed in early May reducing the difficulty of certain bosses caused debate among players. … Read more