Yaşar Kemal and Orhan Pamuk, two storytellers with different worlds

1660004995 Yasar Kemal and Orhan Pamuk two storytellers with different worlds

Every two weeks, on Tuesdays, lepetitjournal.com Istanbul offers you a “Let’s talk about Turkey…” meeting through short texts by Samim Akgönül, author of the “Unusual Dictionary of Turkey”. You are invited to discover concepts, words and expressions or little known facts but also unusual characters from the Turkish space, inspired by the dictionary in question. … Read more

Harry Potter: The world’s toughest Neville Longbottom quiz

Harry Potter The worlds toughest Neville Longbottom quiz

Published on May 28, 2022 2:00 p.m. By Flavie Fleurant Neville Longbottom is your favorite character in the saga Harry Potter ? Then this quiz is for you! Come prove that you are a real fan by having 10/10. IF THE QUIZ IS NOT DISPLAYING CORRECTLY FOR YOU, CLICK HERE. Which house did Neville want … Read more