Witchtok: when wizards invite themselves to Tiktok

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They are astrologers, clairvoyants, diviners… And they are a hit on the networks. Influencers who belong to the category nicknamed Witchtok on the Chinese application, a contraction of witch… which means wizard… and Tiktok. I told you about the booktok last week, so you understood the principle: we take a word, we stick it with … Read more

WitchTok: A new wave of witches is taking over TikTok

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No, you don’t only find witches on Halloween. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in witchcraft, which is also on the rise on TikTok. Evidenced by the success of this new trend, the WitchTok. Witchcraft, a new TikTok trend? The #WitchTok hashtag generates billions of views on the Chinese social network. There … Read more

Welcome to the “WitchTok”, the community of witches who share their spells on TikTok

Internet users who present themselves as witches use this hashtag to document their rituals on the platform. Women for the most part, often young, who mix centuries-old practices and new technologies. For some, Halloween is just a chance for kids to beg candy from their neighbors. For others, the date of October 31 has a … Read more