“Under the wing of the angels”, hated be who Malick thinks

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An ethereal black and white chronicle of Abraham Lincoln’s rural childhood, AJ Edwards’ first film, produced by his mentor Terrence Malick, is suffocating under the tics and clichés of the great auteur film. “Just as I refuse to be a slave, I refuse to be a master. This is my idea of ​​democracy.” Such, however, … Read more

UNDER ANGELS’ WING – AJ Edwards film review

UNDER ANGELS WING AJ Edwards film review

Indiana, 1817. An American nation, barely forty years old, struggling to recover from its second War of Independence. Men and women who, in order to survive, lead a merciless fight against nature and disease. This is the world that Abraham Lincoln discovers at birth. Over a period of three years, the film traces the childhood … Read more

Episode 11 – Birdie Wing – History Of Golfers – Tech Tribune France

Episode 11 Birdie Wing History Of Golfers

Amidst all the back-nine crime, corner sorcery, and yuri aspirations, it can be easy to forget that even Bird wingThe universe of contains a lot of normal golfers who just want to enjoy a nice round on the links once in a while. Many sports anime spotlight impossible athletic feats, many of them also collide … Read more

Positive thinking has lead in the wing

“Positive thinking works, believe me! This is how an enthusiastic lady calls out to me at a fair dedicated to well-being and personal development. She continues: “The proof: one of my friends was in a catastrophic financial situation. She diligently practiced positive thinking and a miracle happened. A distant old aunt bequeathed her house to … Read more