War in Ukraine: an imaginary truce

Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

The Christmas truce in Ukraine? Vladimir Putin’s promise obviously did not change much in the harshness of the clashes, particularly in Kramatorsk (see box). In the minds of most Ukrainian civilians, the war never ended. ” Times are hard “confides Taras, a young man who works in logistics in Lviv. “There was something sad about … Read more

Avec “Imagine”, Krystian Lupa ancre son théâtre au réel d’un monde bousculé par la guerre en Ukraine – Les Inrocks

Avec Imagine Krystian Lupa ancre son theatre au reel dun

À l’occasion du festival Boska Komedia de Cracovie où il présentait “Imagine”, le metteur en scène réagit au contexte de la guerre en Ukraine et à sa situation d’artiste en Pologne. Il lève aussi le voile sur sa prochaine pièce “Les Émigrants” d’après W.G. Sebald avant sa présentation à La Comédie de Genève et sa … Read more

Ukraine: the three Nobel Peace Prize winners call to “resist” Putin

Ukraine the three Nobel Peace Prize winners call to resist

The Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian winners of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize have urged them to refuse to lay down their arms in the face of Russia. SourceAFP In Oslo, the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three laureates: Belarusian activist Alès Bialiatski was represented by his wife Natalia Pinchouk, while Russian Yan Rachinsky … Read more

La guerre de quatrième génération est au stade de la mort cérébrale en Ukraine – Algérie Patriotique

La guerre de quatrieme generation est au stade de la

Jens Stoltenberg et Emmanuel Macron à Paris, le 28 novembre dernier. D. R. Une contribution d’Ali Akika – La référence à la mort cérébrale de la guerre de la 4e génération est un pastiche à la mort cérébrale de l’OTAN du président Macron. Mais avant de narrer la petite histoire de la stratégie de cette notion, … Read more

“What is happening here, in Ukraine, is a matter of decolonization”

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[VIDEO] War in Ukraine: Libra Putin and Scorpio Biden… when astrologers predict the future of the conflict

Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

the essential Whether Russian or Ukrainian, many astrologers, soothsayers and psychics predict the future of the conflict in Ukraine. From one country to another, inevitably, the stars do not reveal the same things. Will there be a nuclear war? Who will win ? Is my child dead? Many Russians rely on astrologers to find out … Read more

War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin or the twilight of Russian imperialism

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To analyse. Vladimir Putin’s expansionist dreams stop here, at this neocolonial war against Ukraine that he himself launched on February 24. The head of the Kremlin may multiply the speeches on the “greatness” of Russia, the company does not adhere to the company. Hundreds of thousands of Russians – 700,000, according to estimates compiled on … Read more

François supplie Poutine de mettre fin à la “spirale de violence et de mort” en Ukraine

Francois supplie Poutine de mettre fin a la spirale de

Sortant du cadre habituel de la méditation spirituelle habituellement prononcée avant l’Angélus dominical, le pape François a lancé un appel s’adressant directement au président russe Vladimir Poutine et au président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky. Le pape François s’est alarmé dimanche du risque d’affrontement nucléaire en Europe, deux jours après l’annexion officielle de quatre régions ukrainiennes par … Read more

Soaring prices, inflation, war in Ukraine: how to deal with the heavy news of recent months?

facts of yesterday For the elevation of the popular

For several months, the news seems particularly heavy all over the world. To cope with this not always easy period and not give in to the ambient gloom, here are some tips offered by experts in terms of well-being. Between the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the war in Ukraine, the explosion of energy prices … Read more

Ukraine: who are these Jewish pilgrims who defy the war as the pandemic?

Ukraine who are these Jewish pilgrims who defy the war

“Those who go to Uman will put themselves in danger, and Israel will not necessarily be able to assist them in case things go wrong. » The Israeli Foreign Ministry had been very clear: pilgrims who decided to visit this city in central Ukraine despite the war would do so at their own risk. “With … Read more