Période trouble de sa vie, harcèlement, carrière, vie en Côte d’Ivoire… Halima Gadji se confie

«Il faut que les gens arrêtent de stigmatiser les personnes qui ont des problèmes de santé mentale». Après un épisode de profonde dépression, l’actrice Halima Gadji  s’apprête à effectuer son come-back à l’écran a fait un interview avec le journal « L’observateur ». Actuellement à Dakar, elle est revenue sur la période trouble qui avait fait … Read more

The MCU Gave The DCEU’s Doctor Fate A Big Trouble – GameSpot

by Pierce Brosnan Fate Doctor will debut in the DCEU movie black adambut the character may face an uphill battle due to the similarities between her origin story and that of the MCU. moon knight. Marvel and DC have many characters with similar backstories and powers. Over the years, fans have compared Namor to Aquaman, … Read more

If You Have Trouble Sleeping, Try This 5-Minute Routine

Making lists before bed can help you fall asleep. Other tips to reach Morpheus more easily. Falling asleep is extremely difficult for some people. The reasons can be very varied. And it is often a vicious circle. Knowing that you have trouble falling asleep, becoming anxious about going to sleep, not being able to to … Read more