A tree frog in autumn (and more…) – By Linnea Sterte – (…) – ActuaBD

This second album translated into French, follows In-Humusalready published by Éditions de la Cerise in 2018. An ecological science fiction story, it was awarded the Artemisia Drawing Prize in 2019, tied with the breathtaking Bezimena of Nina Bunjevac (Ed. Here). Another one of those comics, Stages of rotationhas brilliantly succeeded in her transatlantic crossing until … Read more

Original Christmas tree decoration for Christmas 2022 | Nostrodomus

Original Christmas tree decoration for Christmas 2022 Nostrodomus

Why do we decorate a Christmas tree? Decorating a Christmas tree is a tradition that dates back centuries. It is linked to pagan celebrations which take place in winter and which were later integrated into the Christian holiday of Christmas. Over time, the decoration of the tree has become a symbol of the spirit of … Read more

This is what your Christmas tree looks like according to your zodiac sign

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The Christmas tree is a tradition followed by many families. Does the way this one is decorated depend on your Zodiac sign? According to astrologer Inbaal Honigman, interviewed by Tapi, a British brand of rugs and carpets, we can in any case spot trends in people of the same sign. Aries Christmas tree The sign … Read more

Christmas 2023: this decorative object will be everywhere, even in your tree

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Crazy, bright and completely retro, one object is the star of Christmas decoration this year. Don’t wait any longer to discover how to adopt the most fashionable trend of this end of the year. Each Christmas has its dream theme, its decorative style and its trends. To prepare for the end-of-year celebrations gently, there are … Read more

Tree peonies: when and how to plant and flower to have a garden paradise?

Tree peonies when and how to plant and flower to

Tree peonies are known to be very beautiful. If you’re looking to add a colorful bush to your garden, this is the winner! Why ? Well, their maintenance is not difficult, but they still have some peculiarities. They bloom and grow and become an amazing centerpiece in the garden, bringing joy and a fun atmosphere … Read more