From the town hall of Levallois-Perret to the clip of Lady Gaga, Lego are everywhere

From the town hall of Levallois Perret to the clip of

Tool of artistic expression, subject of entertainment, support for scientific workshops: more than a simple toy, the Lego brick stands out as a cultural asset in its own right. Usually, it is in the corridors of Hogwarts that he evolves. But this winter, Harry Potter is swapping his school of witchcraft for the halls of … Read more

Guingamp – 60 years ago, the “haunted house” of Mousteru troubled the peaceful town

Guingamp 60 years ago the haunted house of Mousteru

January 1960, winter is in full swing in the city of Mousteru, plunged under a thick white coat. In this village, usually calm, some villagers challenge each other, others question themselves. In a neighborhood low mass, it is said that one of the houses in the town would be “haunted”. Sixty years ago, the Telegram … Read more

Nantes vineyards: 139 years ago, the train stopped at the station for the first time in this town

Nantes vineyards 139 years ago the train stopped at the

By Writing Clisson Published on 6 Sep 22 at 16:16 The Weekly of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this media La Haye-Fouassière station about a century ago. ©DR the May 2, 1855the law authorized the construction of a railway line connecting Nantes at Napoleon-Vendee (currently The rock on yon). The railway company of … Read more