“Solemn August”: diving where nature and social ties have remained intact

Solemn August diving where nature and social ties have remained

It is a place that seems out of time. All backgrounds social and the generations blend in, in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds them. In the heart of New Jersey, a natural swimming pool is the dreamlike theater in which Whitney Hayes guides us, between meditation, met and fun. In the summer of … Read more

Jean-Michel Testard: carpet merchant and weaver of threads, words, and ties

Judo A mixed Champions League for Agbegnenou Dicko and Riner

Jean-Michel’s story is a story of transmission and sharing. At 75, this merchant runs an oriental art gallery in the heart of Nîmes. A passion he has nurtured since he was fifteen and his extraordinary stay in Afghanistan, during which he learned the weaving techniques of nomadic peoples. But above all, he begins there a … Read more

Azrael’s New Origin Ties Gotham’s Most Brutal Hero To Darkseid | Pretty Reel

Warning: SPOILERS for Sword of Azrael #4 One of Gotham’s most tortured heroes, Azrael, has a new origin, and it ties him directly to Darkseid. While the two characters may seem distant from each other, both literally and figuratively, Azrael’s updated origin reveals a shocking and undeniable connection to Darkseid and the New Gods of … Read more

Tousson: The “bizarre and quirky” café-music that has been creating social ties for 40 years

Tousson The bizarre and quirky cafe music that has been creating

By Yoann Vallier Published on 26 Oct 22 at 18:46 The Republic of Seine et Marne See my news Follow this media Pierrot the president, here with the treasurer Christian, Muriel the yoga teacher, and Gaspard who is doing his civic service at the Tête des Trains ©DR Of the railway signsposters, a more “vintage” … Read more