Positive thinking has lead in the wing

“Positive thinking works, believe me! This is how an enthusiastic lady calls out to me at a fair dedicated to well-being and personal development. She continues: “The proof: one of my friends was in a catastrophic financial situation. She diligently practiced positive thinking and a miracle happened. A distant old aunt bequeathed her house to … Read more

Positive Thinking: “Denying negative emotions is ineffective”

INTERVIEW – Interview with Yves-Alexandre Thalmann, clinical psychologist, psychology professor and trainer. He has just published “Positive thinking 2.0, the law of attraction finally explained” (Éd. Source Vive). LE FIGARO. – Why did you find it necessary to conceptualize a new “positive thought”? Yves-Alexandre THALMANN. – I have long witnessed the irreconcilable confrontation of two … Read more

Positive thinking: is it really effective?

Positive thinking is it really effective

Published on 01/25/2022 at 3:42 p.m. in collaboration with Dr. Saverio Tomasella (doctor in psychology and psychoanalyst) Repeating to yourself that everything will be okay, that we are happy, comfortable in our own skin, is it really enough to achieve fulfillment? The psychoanalyst Saverio Tomasella, author of the book Dare your singularity (Eyrolles editions), invites … Read more