Films released in theaters the week of November 30, 2022

Films released in theaters the week of November 30 2022

see ★★★☆☆cow From one calving to another, Andrea Arnold accompanies without comment Luma, a dairy cow resident among many others on a British farm. Where we fully grasp the concept of modern animal husbandry read also: November: Profusion on the notches A life cycle. But what life? That, subjected to the industrial process, responding to … Read more

One of the scariest horror movies hits theaters and it will chill your blood

Horror movie lovers will be thrilled! On April 13, Ring hits the big screen in a restored 4K version. And this J-Horror masterpiece isn’t the only one getting a family facelift. After releasing the cult trilogy Infernal Affairs on the big screen last March, distributor The Jokers is repeating the operation with three outstanding works … Read more