All those myths, legends and superstitions surrounding the cat

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For nearly four millennia, cats fascinate men. Wherever they lived they were revered or feared (sometimes simultaneously). Their enigmatic gaze, their silent movement, their long incomprehensible behavior (sometimes it still is!) has aroused ambivalent feelings in men and led to many superstitions. Life is good for a 21st century cat: he lives with the times, … Read more

Maps, spiritualism, superstitions… That’s enough!

Divination, cartomancy or any other superstitious rite of this type aims to predict the future, which only God can know. After the announced (and then banned) black “mass” at the University of Denver, a reader asked us to explain what the cartomancy or spiritualism groups that abound in the city are all about, because “The … Read more

Black cat, going under a ladder… 13 superstitions explained

Black cat going under a ladder 13 superstitions

Flipping the bread, breaking a mirror… You’ve always wondered where these superstitions come from, and here they are explained! So, are you superstitious? We, yes, a little. In any case, it seems almost normal given the number of superstitions heard since our early childhood. But, have you ever wondered why we are afraid when we … Read more

World Schizophrenia Day: Eradicating myths and superstitions

The international community celebrates today, May 24, 2022, World Schizophrenia Day. May 24 corresponds to the date when a great French doctor had freed patients with mental illnesses who were most often imprisoned and chained in the 1700s. These patients who are still in 2022 hidden, partitioned between 4 walls in societies like ours To … Read more

Friday the 13th: salt, numbers, spiders… a little world tour of superstitions

In 2022, there will only be one Friday the 13th. Bad luck for those who firmly believe in luck on this day which sees the French flock to the various games of chance. For others, it is good news, because this number brings bad luck, and has done so since the dawn of time. This … Read more