Is there life after death? The case of reincarnated children studied by science

How heart coherence can help you relax and de stress

First supervised by the psychiatrist Ian Stevenson, they are today coordinated by the child psychiatrist and researcher, Jim Tuckerwho heads the parapsychology department at the University of Virginia. If the question of reincarnation, and more particularly of these cases of children with disturbing memories, can make you smile, it is a most distressing experience for … Read more

“Trance” as a therapeutic tool is studied in Liège, but what is it exactly?

Are we all capable of going into a trance? Can this second state – which we associate with shamans – be a therapeutic tool? A study in this direction has just been launched at the University Hospital of Liège (with ULiège) and will, for the first time, be conducted with patients. Science has recently taken … Read more