Bernard Werber: “Any writer would do well to go on stage to see his audience react” – La Vie Nouvelle

Benedict XVI an acute sense of the liturgy

Follower of meditation, Bernard Werber, the author of “Ants”, goes on stage for a concert under hypnosis. Guided by his voice and the five meditative texts he has signed, “Inner Journey” invites the viewer to probe his own mind. Since when do you invite the public to meditation? BW I started in 1997, with the … Read more

Destiny 2 – Patch Notes du Correctif 6.2.0 – Next Stage

Destiny 2 – Patch Notes du Correctif 620

Mike 24 août 2022 Destiny 2, Destiny 2 – L’Actu en continu, Destiny 2 – Mises à jour, La Collection Bienvenue dans les entrailles du Correctif 6.2.0 ! Vous retrouverez ici tous les changements effectués dans cette mise à jour. À lire aussi : Destiny 2 – Changement des chiffres de mise à jour ! Interface … Read more

The final stage podium celebrated in Saint-Nazaire – News | The lonely one

The final stage podium celebrated in Saint Nazaire News

Last night, the last two competitors of La Solitaire du Figaro reached the port of Saint-Nazaire, tired, scarred, but happy to have arrived and to have surpassed themselves. Both will not be classified on this stage, because they arrived out of time but the main thing is elsewhere. … This is about courage, self-transcendence, self-sacrifice, … Read more

“Sufi, my love”: Hassan El Jai, between mystical journey and return to the stage

Sufi my love Hassan El Jai between mystical journey and

“The theater is not the place of appearances, it is the place of appearances”, according to Hassan El Jai. The Moroccan artist returns to the stage to make the Moroccan public discover or rediscover his interpretation of the famous novel “Sufi, my love”, a mystical journey that will immerse the spectators in an unparalleled artistic … Read more

WARFRAME – All the info about The Angels of Zariman – Next Stage

WARFRAME All the info about The Angels of Zariman

First announced during Devstream 159 in January and then resumed during Devstream 160 in March, Warframe’s next expansion: Angels of Zariman, finally unveiled during Desvstream 161. Read also: WARFRAME – DEVTREAM recap #159 The Angels of Zariman, a dive into the Tenno mystery For sure, Warframe’s next expansion will be released on all platforms this … Read more