“The Spy Who Loved Books”, a daring spy novel from the master of the genre, a meditation on political and family legacies

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A posthumous novel by John Le Carré, “The Spy Who Loved Books” is a daring spy novel and a meditation on political and family legacies. It is the universe of the master of the spy novel, John Le Carré, that Sophie Creuz invites us to rediscover with the posthumous novel “The spy who loved books”. … Read more

Delcourt: Caesar’s Spy T3, The Rubinstein Brothers T4, La Kahina T1

Delcourt Caesars Spy T3 The Rubinstein Brothers T4 La Kahina

Comic / Critical – written by plainardthe 07/27/2022 Tags: games brothers albums rubinstein solomon fiction comics Caesar’s Spy – Volume 3: The Rubicon – rating: 7/10 Continuation and end of Caesar’s Spy with this third volume by the author duo Pécau and Fafner. Coax is Gallic but he is above all Caesar’s spy. He notably … Read more