First name love and friendship compatibility: find if you are soul mates thanks to numerology.

First name love and friendship compatibility find if you are

Are you an incorrigible romantic? Or are you wondering if you would be a good friend to someone? No need to pull out your tarot cards or call a random clairvoyant. The answer is written in the numbers! Yes ! For all the pragmatic fact checkers out there, we are pleased to introduce a little … Read more

The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of Boddhi Satva

The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of

The English jazz group and the Franco-Central African DJ present their next albums to us. A WIND FROM ELSEWHERE In this Neo Geo, Un Vent d’Ailleurs blows from Kinshasa (DRC). Olivier Mukiandi tells us about the fifteenth edition of the JazzKif Festivalan event to be held on June 18 at theFrench Institute – Halle de … Read more

LaMDA: Google’s AI has a soul, assures a suspended engineer

LaMDA Googles AI has a soul assures a suspended engineer

Google continues to develop its LaMDA artificial intelligence calibrated to hold complex conversations. So much so that an engineer believes that the AI ​​has developed a conscience and a soul. Not to the taste of the company which suspended the employee following his revelations. LaMDA – Credit: Google Google is actively working on an artificial … Read more

Mayan beliefs, purification of the soul, reincarnation: 50 years in prison for a Brussels man who murdered his children in Spain

The sentence is commensurate with the atrocity of the facts: Gabriel Carvajal, a Belgian national in his thirties, was sentenced Wednesday evening by the Valencia court to twice 25 years in prison, with a maximum incarceration of 40 years. His Spanish partner, Maria Gombau, co-author but considered irresponsible for her actions at the time of … Read more

David Turnley: Ukraine: Photographing the Soul of Humanity – Part 2 – The Eye of Photography Magazine

15 days ago, Peter Turnley entrusted us with his images. Today it’s David Turnley his twin brother who does the same: 38 images that we publish in two parts accompanied by his very touching testimony.Jean Jacques Naudet Photographing the Soul of Humanity – Ukraine – by David Turnley (2) After a few days in Lviv, … Read more

From shamanism to blockchain, Céline Dartanian creates Böö, a brand with a soul

From shamanism to blockchain Celine Dartanian creates Boo a brand

She was for a long time the “Swiss knife” of TF1 where she notably created the Big Data department of the advertising department. Céline Dartanian, a tall, slender, sunny brunette, launched in December 2021 Böö, her brand of phytotherapy and aromatherapy which markets only ritualized, organic medicinal plants, and if possible fair, with a traceability … Read more