Soccer. 2022 World Cup: Antoine Griezmann knows how to do everything (well)

Soccer 2022 World Cup Antoine Griezmann knows how to do

Antoine Griezmann’s rating by the media after his match against Morocco (2-0), Wednesday, animated the social networks, which do not need much to ignite and make an epiphenomenon a fight for history. Should it be given the rating of 6, 7, 8 or 9 after the semi-final of a French team jostled for a good … Read more

Soccer. Before the shock against ASPTT Caen, why is FC Flers so strong?

Soccer Before the shock against ASPTT Caen why is FC

By Aline Chatel Published on 10 Nov 22 at 19:43 Sports in Caen See my news Follow this media Flers has been on the Regional 1 championship since the start of the season and the first match won 4-1 at Mondeville. ©Aline Chatel The match had not yet started and Jean-Baptiste Piquet was already impressed. … Read more

Soccer – French Cup. FC Dommartin-lès-Remiremont has more ideas

Mayan beliefs purification of the soul reincarnation 50 years in

Matéo Fahy ended his day in the emergency room. To get five stitches in the brow bone. A few minutes earlier, the FC Dommartin-lès-Remiremont goalkeeper had nevertheless overcome the pain to become a hero among the heroes of the day during the penalty shootout. A piece of bravery that sums up the state of mind … Read more