Are owls the smartest birds?

There is no one size fits all meditation says Steven

Owls and owls are, in most cultures, considered an omen of death. Their nocturnal character and their hooting traditionally give them a gloomy symbolism in Kenya; this belief was also widespread in the Middle Ages in Europe, where owls were associated with witchcraft. Among the Amerindian peoples, they were linked to supernatural dangers; they carried … Read more

Challenging puzzle for the smartest: 7 seconds to spot which bear is different from the others in the picture!

Challenging puzzle for the smartest 7 seconds to spot which.webp

Today we bring you a difficult puzzle like no other. Its level of solving is high, because you only have 7 seconds to solve the puzzle. And frankly, it’s not at all obvious. In truth, human beings have always been fascinated by problem solving. And behind this fun hide many benefits. What are they ? … Read more

What is the smartest zodiac sign? Here are the winners!

What is the smartest zodiac sign Here are the winners

Intelligence is a multi-faceted quality. Thus, we can speak of an emotional, creative, logical, sporting, social intelligence, etc. Anyway, people who have such an advantage usually come up with original and not-so-obvious solutions. Do you fall into this category according to astrology ? Let’s find out together what is the astrological sign the most intelligent. … Read more