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Mephisto Cosplay Shows The MCU Exactly What To Shoot

After years of speculation and rampant rumors, Marvel Comics villain Mephisto is set to make his MCU debut soon, played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Mephisto is a demonic being who has ascended (or descended) to rule Marvel’s Hell, having claimed dominance over the other Hell Lords who preside over Marvel’s various afterlifes. His evil form … Read more

The man of our lives (M6): “A horror!” Héléna Noguerra returns to this particularly difficult scene to shoot in the series

The man of our lives M6 A horror Helena Noguerra

When four women are cheated by the same man, female solidarity can become a weapon of mass destruction! Alongside Odile Vuillemin, Élodie Frégé (who made tender confidences about her lover) and Flora Bonaventura, Helena Noguerraalias Mathilde, will learn it the hard way in The man of our livesthe new series of M6 to discover from … Read more

Yannick Noah de retour avec un nouvel album : « Dès les premiers concerts, c’est le shoot d’adrénaline »​

Horoscope the month of July will be very very complicated

21h30 , le 15 octobre 2022 Les cigarettes qu’il grille aujourd’hui sont celles d’un patriarche. Chef de famille, de village aussi, sur des terres camerounaises qu’il avait quittées à 12 ans pour tenter sa chance dans le grand monde du tennis. ­Yannick Noah en a désormais 62, un âge qui permet de se retourner et de … Read more