War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin or the twilight of Russian imperialism

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To analyse. Vladimir Putin’s expansionist dreams stop here, at this neocolonial war against Ukraine that he himself launched on February 24. The head of the Kremlin may multiply the speeches on the “greatness” of Russia, the company does not adhere to the company. Hundreds of thousands of Russians – 700,000, according to estimates compiled on … Read more

Faced with the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Russian power wants to be impassive, despite some critical voices

No “withdrawal”even less than “disbandment”. The Russian army is carrying out an operation of “grouping” in the Karkhiv region of Ukraine, Russian state television has been explaining on a loop for two days. In the pro-government media, the reality of the Ukrainian offensive is recognized but most reports seek to minimize its impact. impact. “It … Read more

In Finland, Russian tourists received to the sound of the Ukrainian national anthem

In Finland Russian tourists received to the sound of the

the essential In eastern Finland, the Imatrankoski rapids are a tourist attraction: every day at the same time, the Ukrainian national anthem sounds in front of the many visiting Russian tourists. In eastern Finland, the Imatrankoski rapids are a must-see attraction: every day at the same time, the Ukrainian national anthem sounds, the almost century-old … Read more

A Russian teacher: “my dream of seeing a water puppet show has come true” | Culture-Sports | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

Elena and her niece at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater on July 27. Photo: Vnexpress Hanoi (VNA) – Elena still couldn’t believe it when she saw her former students in Vietnam after more than 30 years of losing contact. She took the opportunity to go see a water puppet show, a long-time dream. In … Read more

Astrologers and mediums to the aid of the Russian “special operation” in Ukraine

Astrologers and mediums to the aid of the Russian special

Russian astrologer Pavel Globa speaks about the future of Russia at a conference in Moscow, December 2007. DMITRY KOSTYUKOV / AFP LETTER FROM MOSCOW You thought the conflict in Ukraine had something to do with Russian imperialism? With the personal ambitions of President Vladimir Putin? With the expansion of NATO? Mistake ! “What happens between … Read more

“Who will win?” Russian and Ukrainian astrologers are engaged in a merciless “star war”

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Will there be a nuclear war? Who will win? Is my child dead? Many Russians rely on astrologers to find out what will happen to the conflict in Ukraine, which has cut their country off from much of the world. Made famous by word of mouth in Saint Petersburg, Elena Koroleva predicted Moscow’s victory to … Read more

War in Ukraine, live: after the Russian withdrawal from Serpents’ Island, the Ukrainian army welcomes “the liberation of a strategic territory”

30 The situation on the map Enlarge The context Live hosted by Clémence Apetogbor and Solène L’Hénoret Cover image: A satellite photo of Serpents’ Island, June 21, 2022. MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES /REUTERS Contributions to this live stream are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Russian army announced on Thursday that it had withdrawn from … Read more

War in Ukraine: before the Russian offensive in the Donbass, the deluge of fire

No need to resort to divination: the offensive announced by Vladimir Putin against the Donbass will be brutal. Ukrainians who know this well are urging civilians to flee what will become the battlefield where the outcome of the war launched on February 24 could be decided. Since the announcements from the Russian command, we have … Read more