Pantheon: the revolutionary false start

Pantheon the revolutionary false start

The liturgical layout of the new Sainte-Geneviève church was barely finished, in 1791, when the parliamentarians of the National Constituent Assembly assigned the building to the cult of the heroes of the nation (decree of April 4). This is the birth of the Pantheon. “Since the storming of the Bastille, the idea of ​​the construction … Read more

Face yoga: is it effective? Discover the revolutionary technique to stay young!

Face yoga is it effective Discover the revolutionary technique to

Time flies so fast when we’re caught up in this chaotic thing we call life. These fleeting moments that we spend worrying about trivial problems that will no longer matter in a few years, begin to have consequences not only on our interior… But also on our exterior. Let’s face it… None of us want … Read more