After returning her social housing, Danielle Simonnet found a new fight: clandestine deliverers

After returning her social housing Danielle Simonnet found a new

The photo is beautiful, and she displays it on her Twitter account: a blond stain, a piece of tricolor scarf in the middle of a human tide of almost all black pizza deliverers. Or this one: always the hair, the scarf and the deputy BIA haranguing this same people of diversity. Danielle Simonnet in reincarnation … Read more

Returning Criminal Minds: See the 6 Returning Stars (and Those Who Turned Down)

Almost 2 years after the end of Criminal Minds, the series is about to return for a new season. This time, it will no longer be broadcast on CBS but on the Paramount + video-on-demand platform. In 15 seasons and no less than 324 episodes, Criminal minds had become a real phenomenon all over the … Read more