Dom Pateau: “The old Missal remained a point of reference for Benedict XVI”

Benedict XVI an acute sense of the liturgy

How will the monks of Fontgombault join in the funeral of the pope emeritus? At the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s call to God, the death knell was sounded. Then the monks sang, as for one of their own, the response Subsidy “Come to his aid, saints of God; hasten to meet him, angels of … Read more

“Solemn August”: diving where nature and social ties have remained intact

Solemn August diving where nature and social ties have remained

It is a place that seems out of time. All backgrounds social and the generations blend in, in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds them. In the heart of New Jersey, a natural swimming pool is the dreamlike theater in which Whitney Hayes guides us, between meditation, met and fun. In the summer of … Read more