Full pink moon of April 16, 2022: the time to clean up our professional and personal relationships

After the climax of the strong Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces who brightened up our week, the full moon of April 16, 2022 will take us to the depths of our soul. Objective ? Spring cleaning our emotions to find harmony and balance in our lives. A quest for appeasement necessary before the stirring season of … Read more

Relationships: what is energetic connection?

Relationships what is energetic connection

This article was published in the magazine #36 September-October 2021>> To find the list of points of sale is here The concept of reliance appeared in 1963 thanks to Roger Clausse, who defined it as a “psychosocial need (for information) : reliance versus isolation“. It was taken up in the 70s by Marcel Bolle De … Read more