Poissy. The rapist was afraid of marabouts, sorcerers and prophetesses

Poissy The rapist was afraid of marabouts sorcerers and prophetesses

By Francois Desserre Published on 21 Nov 22 at 9:31 78news See my news Follow this media The criminal court of Versailles (Yvelines) condemned a man for the rape of an 11-year-old child. Marabouts, sorcerers and prophetesses hovered over the file. (©78news) This time, Papa Dadou, that’s his nickname, did not submit to the rituals … Read more

Sectarian excesses: “White wolf”, a rapist disguised as a shaman?

the essential In December 2021, Cyrille Adam, better known by his followers as the “White Wolf”, was arrested and indicted. A self-proclaimed shaman within the community he created, he allegedly raped and sexually abused several of his disciples. Five women and one man filed a complaint. Others may follow. He denies everything. The Château de … Read more