WoW WotLK Elemental Shaman guide: PvE and PvP talents, leveling

WoW WotLK Elemental Shaman guide PvE and PvP talents leveling

The WoW WotLK Elemental Shaman is a force of nature – literally. By bending elements to their will, they’re incredibly powerful if you have the right talent, so here’s a look at what you’ll need for PvP and PvE, plus how to level up fast in Blizzard’s MMO . Shamans are one of the more … Read more

NIS Introduces Disgaea 7 Maiko and Thief Classes, Details Dodeka Max and PvP Systems

NIS Introduces Disgaea 7 Maiko and Thief Classes Details Dodeka

NIS revealed a bit more about Disgaea 7, the latest entry in the franchise. A recent update to the game’s official site and details covered in the Sega/Atlus TGS 2022 broadcast revealed new information regarding new systems, classes, and characters. The game takes place in a more explicitly stylized setting after Japan, the “Hinomoto Netherworld”, … Read more