Psychiatry and mental illness in Africa: the omerta continues – Jeune Afrique

Psychiatry and mental illness in Africa the omerta continues

For more than fifty years, I have been a psychiatrist entirely devoted to the cause of the mentally ill. At almost 80 years old and for ten years, I have devoted my retirement to humanitarian missions in several African countries. As my long career comes to an end and these missions will soon no longer … Read more

Bangladeshi Mystic Confronts Demons Through Psychiatry

Bangladeshi Mystic Confronts Demons Through Psychiatry

A woman (l) describes the symptoms she is feeling to the mystic Syed Emdadul Hoque (d), May 14, 2022 Maizbhandar, Bangladesh (AFP / Munir uz ZAMAN) When families tormented by evil spirits seek him out for protection, Bangladeshi mystic Syed Emdadul Hoque knows his prayers alone won’t be enough to appease them. Mr. Hoque conducts … Read more

New research shows no evidence of structural brain change with short-term mindfulness training Psychology and Psychiatry News

In the middle of the 20th century, new evidence showed that the brain could be “plastic” and that experience could create changes in the brain. Plasticity has been linked to learning new skills, including spatial navigation, aerobic exercise, and balance training. Still, the question of whether mindfulness interventions, such as meditation, can alter brain structure … Read more