Equitherapy: process, benefits, for whom?

Equitherapy process benefits for whom

Healing the mind through the horse is what equine therapy offers. This therapy allows many interactions and work around cognitive and sensory aspects. What are the benefits and how does a session take place? Definition and discovery with Véronique Delespierre, clinical psychologist and equitherapist. Summary Definition: what is equitherapy? Equitherapy refers to the use of … Read more

The SAQ in the process of drowning microdistilleries

Langlais se porte tres bien en Amerique

A new cry from the heart des microdistilleries québécoises – launched by the Union québécoise des microdistilleries (UQMD) – resounds regarding the excessive markup pocketed by the SAQ. The Government of Quebec has mentioned that it will table a bill in this regard, promising these small businesses regulatory relief. The future will show us the … Read more

Witch hunts in Scotland: after being hunted down and killed, the victims in the process of rehabilitation

“Between the 16th and 18th centuries in Scotland, around 4,000 people were accused of witchcraft. 84% were women,” says Claire Mitchell, a 50-year-old lawyer. In total, more than 2,500 people were executed for witchcraft, mostly strangled and then burned, after confessions extracted under torture. “They were kept from sleeping for days […] and they confessed … Read more