Boulangist agitation and the consequences of populism

How to live 24 hours a day with the Holy

At the origins of populism: History of Boulangism (1886-1891) by Bertrand Joly, CNRS editions, 2022, 610 p. The Third Republic was born from the instantaneous collapse of the Second Empire following the bitter debacle of Napoleon III before the Prussians at Sedan (September 1870). Humiliated by the amputation of Alsace-Lorraine and belittled before a unified … Read more

Yoga, Crocs, Wagner and populism at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin

Yoga Crocs Wagner and populism at the Deutsche Oper in

The trio Jossi Wieler, Anna Viebrock and Sergio Morabito seize the Mastersingers by Richard Wagner and transposes the action into a music conservatory, a high-level academy that promotes hierarchical relationships, unleashes aesthetic quarrels between “old” and “modern”, exacerbates rivalries, fuels a toxic, stressful climate linked to competition and performance requirements. This new creation is a … Read more