Reforestation: Leo clubs plant “useful” for posterity in Koubri

Reforestation Leo clubs plant useful for posterity in Koubri

Family photo between Lions and Leos Dozens of members of the 41 Leo clubs in Burkina, assisted by their senior Lions including the first leaders of District 403 A3, planted “useful” on the Djiguemtenga site in Koubri, at the southern exit of Ouagadougou, on Sunday September 4, 2022 According to the initiators of this reforestation, … Read more

Sprout your creativity with the plant mandala workshops at Céline Lebasle in La Chapelle-Montligeon

Sprout your creativity with the plant mandala workshops at Celine

By Sacha Dubesset Published on 1 Jul 22 at 20:02 The Pole See my news Follow this media Audrey and Enaïs (left) and Céline Lebasle (right) spent the day together creating a plant mandala. (©Le Perche) The gentle sound of waterof the singing birds the arrival of summer, and color flowers rainbows that shine in … Read more

Lucky plant according to the astrological sign: discover your luck in herbalism!

Lucky plant according to the astrological sign discover your luck

Are you curious about the signs of the zodiac? Do you also like taking care of plants? Well, it’s your lucky day, because we’re going to associate astrology with plants! The DeaVita team has selected plants whose characteristics are similar to those of your zodiac signs. Not only do they reflect your greatest characteristics, but … Read more

Plants and astrology: which plant corresponds to your astrological sign and carries positive energy?

Plants and astrology which plant corresponds to your astrological sign

Many are the properties of plants apart from decorating our interior: spread the good energy in the House, remove bad odors, purify the air. Apparently, those who read this article are interested in astrological signs and their impact on our lives. Can we attract luck using the formula plants and astrology? What is the lucky … Read more

Find out which lucky plant is made for you, according to your astro sign!

Astrology: which plant brings good luck according to your sign? Camille-Sarah Lorane January 24, 2022 Updated on January 24, 2022 Aries – Honeysuckle Honeysuckle is the quintessential spring flower. Like Aries, she brings with her a fresh and energetic air! It is also a medicinal plant with many health benefits. Something to help Aries get … Read more

Tree peonies: when and how to plant and flower to have a garden paradise?

Tree peonies when and how to plant and flower to

Tree peonies are known to be very beautiful. If you’re looking to add a colorful bush to your garden, this is the winner! Why ? Well, their maintenance is not difficult, but they still have some peculiarities. They bloom and grow and become an amazing centerpiece in the garden, bringing joy and a fun atmosphere … Read more

Astrology: here is the lucky plant for each sign of the zodiac!

Astrology here is the lucky plant for each sign of

Lucky plant! This immense faith is based on the aspirations of people to achieve health, wealth and prosperity in life. As lucky plants are an important part of giftsthey too have undergone an astrological transformation and are now offered to loved ones according to their zodiac sign. Even the world of gifts has been influenced … Read more