Witches and planes… we fly away in the commune of Chéu

The witches of Chéu The archives of the diocese attest to this: in Chéu, between the 6th and the beginning of the 19th century, the inhabitants of the village were obsessed with evil. To ward off evil, they hung crucifixes at every intersection or owls above barns. But when that wasn’t enough, they physically attacked … Read more

France continues to withdraw its tanks, planes and drones from Mali

Astro your horoscope for Tuesday July 5 2022

At the end of this titanic withdrawal, France will keep 2,500 soldiers in the Sahel, including more than a thousand men in Niger. Dozens of containers, armored vehicles as far as the eye can see on the sides, an incessant ballet of forklifts: it is the excitement on the French military base (BAP) in Niamey, … Read more