Gers / Unusual: Tarot de Marseille, an à la carte phenomenon – Tell them!

Gers Unusual Tarot de Marseille an a la carte

This is The Castagné Estate which this year hosts the TarotFestival from Auch (from September 23 to 25), in four vast rooms, where conferences and workshops will take place, as well as The Fantastic Market, with exhibitors and creators, who all highlight the universe of the Tarot. Does it amuse you? Know that in recent … Read more

Partial solar eclipse: how to observe this phenomenon on October 25?

Partial solar eclipse how to observe this phenomenon on October

By Graziella L. Posted Oct 12, 2022 1:16 PM On October 25, 2022 in the morning, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Europe and therefore France, with part of the Sun obscured by the Moon. How can you observe this incredible phenomenon in complete safety? You will soon be able to observe a … Read more

Star Academy: the telecrochet phenomenon of the children of the generation of the 2000s

We recall. We are Saturday, October 20, 2001 when the television screen unveils the premiere of Star Academy. Viewers discover the candidates: Jenifer, Mario, Jean-Pascal, Carine, Djalil… They are singers, dancers and dream of becoming the next French star. The telecrochet is not really developed and there are many confusions. This is what presenter Nikos … Read more

“Mercury retrograde”: the chaotic astrological phenomenon arrives on January 14

Mercury retrograde the chaotic astrological phenomenon arrives on January 14

After the daily horoscope you read online or at the end of your favorite magazine or newspaper, “Mercury retrograde” is probably the most well-known astrological data. No more battery ? “Mercury retrograde”. Subway broken down? “Mercury retrograde”. Nothing is going well in your life? “Normal, Mercury retrograde…” This is the refrain that we find more … Read more

Beliefs. In astrology, should we believe in the phenomenon “Mercury retrograde”?

You’ve lost your keys, your laptop isn’t working very well, you’ve missed the bus, you’ve had misunderstandings at home and at the office…. In short, nothing is right. The culprit may be in the stars. It is the planet Mercury which has been retrograding since Wednesday: an astrological phenomenon which occurs three times a year, … Read more

DRC: how to explain the rise of the phenomenon of “child witches?”

DRC how to explain the rise of the phenomenon of

They are the subject of scapegoats in their families. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where nearly 73% of the population lives below the poverty line, According to figures from the World Bank, some children are struck by a curse. Or rather, the political, economic and social context curses these children. Described as “sorcerers”, they … Read more

Oracles – Divination cards, a phenomenon that is coming back into fashion

Oracles Divination cards a phenomenon that is coming back

What is the underside of the divination cards that we find more and more often on the shelves of bookstores? Romy Sauvayre, sociologist specializing in science, beliefs and knowledge at Clermont Auvergne University answers. Have you observed this growth of “esoteric” books in mainstream bookstores?Indeed, surveys make it possible to measure the return of astrological … Read more