EXCLUDED – Elizabeth Teissier: the astrologer predicts Emmanuel Macron and Valérie Pécresse in the second round

A few days before the first round of the 2022 presidential election, the famous astrologer Elizabeth Teissier gives us her predictions… Who will be in the second round? Who will create the surprise? The author of Memoirs of Cassandra reveals its predictions. Is the presidential election of 2022 played in advance? While Emmanuel Macron seems … Read more

Pécresse already president… or the cracking of the polls

It makes you wonder why we still bother to organize an election. This Wednesday, December 8, in One, the Noon dispatch gave a preview of the result of the second round of the presidential election: ” Macron beaten by Pécresse “. Clairvoyance is not yet part of the talents of our colleagues, the latter actually … Read more