[Analyse] Gabon: The case of “Guy Nzouba-Ndama’s billion” confronts the opposition with its contradictions and divisions – La Libreville

Analyse Gabon The case of Guy Nzouba Ndamas billion confronts the

The ranks are emptying around Guy Nzouba-Ndama © DR On Saturday September 18, the man who was president of the National Assembly for 19 years before going to the opposition and burning what he had cherished, was arrested at the border when he was returning from Congo-Brazzaville. In his suitcases, 1.19 billion FCFA in cash. … Read more

In Cambodia, the revival of opposition to the Hun Sen regime

In Cambodia the revival of opposition to the Hun Sen

Members of the “Candlelight Party”, the only opposition body to have fielded candidates in the majority of Cambodian communes, during the last day of campaigning for the June 5 local elections in Phnom Penh, June 3, 2022. TANG CHHIN SOTHY / AFP The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) of Prime Minister Hun Sen dominated the local … Read more