Aude: yoga, meditation, sophrology… the boom in well-being practices to reconnect with oneself

Aude yoga meditation sophrology the boom in well being practices to

Stressed, anxious and saturated with multiple solicitations, more and more people from Aude are trying to “slow down and reconnect with themselves”. Relaxation institutes, mindfulness meditation centers, sophrology practice, yoga, qi gong: so many ways to achieve this. But what can all these techniques bring – concretely – to those who practice them? We asked … Read more

Writing and infinity: Mysticism in literature for the love of oneself and of the other

The notion of “mysticism” refers to an interdisciplinary field: that of the Sufi authors of the Eastern tradition and the spiritual poets of the Western tradition. It is not thus a field reserved for theology, especially since it appears, as Atmane Bissani explains, as a mysterious language of love that traverses centuries, countries and beliefs. … Read more

Modern witchcraft, a fashionable practice for reconnecting with oneself

Modern witchcraft a fashionable practice for reconnecting with oneself

How many times have we prayed to the universe to give us magical powers? For my part, as I write these lines, probably only ten times since this morning. Snapping my fingers and seeing the linen put away alone – and ironed – in its cupboard, wave a baguette and serve a dinner worthy of … Read more

Spirituality: The five openings of consciousness, a tool for understanding oneself

In these unusual times when division seems relatively present, I wanted to write on a subject that is little treated in society: our inner nature. In fact, to get along, you have to be able to understand yourself, and to understand yourself, it can be useful to get to know others better, how they work … Read more