Goku & Vegeta’s Most Powerful Forms Officially Exceeded

The horoscope of the week from July 1 to 7

The escalation of power in Dragon Ball is never over, and Toyotaro proves it to us once again in Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super. The last part of the manga published in the V-Jump of the month has just revealed to us Black Frieza, Frieza’s last transformation nowadays. Decidedly, and without pun intended, this … Read more

NBA: Nikola Jokic officially named MVP of the season for the second year in a row

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic was officially named the NBA’s best regular-season player for the second year in a row on Wednesday. He becomes the 13th to sign to retain his title from one year to the next. After the announcement in the media three days ago, the NBA made the news official on Wednesday. … Read more

Victims of witch hunts between the 16th and 18th centuries soon to be officially exonerated in Scotland

Victims of witch hunts between the 16th and 18th centuries

Nine women are burned for witchcraft on a riverbank in Dumfries, Scotland (April 13, 1659). MARY EVANS PICTURE LIBRARY / PHOTONONSTOP EThey were accused of spoiling the crops, of changing into animals to commit their misdeeds, even of dancing with the devil. In Europe, between the sixteenthand and the XVIIIand century, thousands of women and, … Read more

The Trump Hotel in DC is officially gone, but Democrats don’t want it completely forgotten – Reuters News in France and abroad

The Washington, D.C. hotel lease, run by Donald Trump’s family business while he was president, a symbol of his power with Republicans and corruption with his critics, has been sold by his family business to a Miami-based investment fund. The Trump Organization said Wednesday it had completed the sale of a long-term lease of the … Read more