Nocturnal anxiety: symptoms, causes, treatment

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Verified on 07/11/2022 by PasseportSantĂ© Nocturnal anxiety is characterized by sudden awakening, accompanied by sweating and palpitations, including, sometimes even, difficulty in breathing. There is sometimes also added a real feeling of panic, which can be associated with an anguish of death. Also, the appearance of uncontrollable thoughts can further enhance the feeling of anxiety. … Read more

Netflix unveils its new Castlevania nocturnal animated series through a first trailer!

Netflix continues to surprise us by unveiling its new projects day after day. Among the new anime presented it is impossible to miss the very popular Castlevania series. The universe of Dracula, monsters, curse, magic and sword expands with a new series called Castlevania: Nocturne. According to the first trailer posted, this series will star … Read more