Concert venues are invented at Musica – ResMusica

Concert venues are invented at Musica ResMusica

More details Strasbourg. musica festivalTJP, Great Hall. 17-IX-2022: Zad Moultaka (born in 1967): Armoise, for clarinet and video; Moisare, for soprano and video; Daphné Hejebri (born in 1994): +1, for soprano, bass clarinet and electronics; Georges Aperghis (born in 1945): Half-words, for voice and clarinet; Zeynep Gedizlioğlu (born in 1977): NN 3:4 /Speak!, for soprano, … Read more

Shellfish concert, shamanism and wombat poo: the perched meetings of the Musica festival

Shellfish concert shamanism and wombat poo the perched meetings of

The international festival of today’s music returns for a 39th edition with a formula that combines environment, shamanism and the US. From September 16 to October 10, the actors of the festival will be heard in no less than fifteen different places in Strasbourg. The opportunity to discover what is currently being done in terms … Read more