Bicycle hoops in the metaverse, a millenarian messianism?

Bicycle hoops in the metaverse a millenarian messianism

An enchanting perspective of the Numericene*, and not the least, is the metaverse. For those who remain stuck in the era of minitel and Chantal Goya, the explanation is as follows: the term ” metaverse comes from the contraction of meta and universe. The metaverse is a “meta-universe,” or a universe beyond our everyday galaxy … Read more

Meta-trap me if you can: Interpol unveils its police metaverse

Meta trap me if you can Interpol unveils its police metaverse

On the occasion of a “surprise session” during the 90th General Assembly of Interpol in New Delhi, the famous and almost century-old world police organization presented. his metaverse. The initiative might make you smile, but it shows that the subject is taken particularly seriously by the police services. Interpol thus do not envisage for a … Read more

Qu’est-ce que le jeton Dead Knight metaverse (DKM), le jeu RPG NFT et le gameplay ? | PortailCrypto

Dead Knight est un jeu de rôle NFT 8 bits Play-to-win qui se déroule dans un monde fantastique médiéval. Le jeton Dead Knight Metaverse (DKM) est le jeton principal du jeu, les joueurs peuvent utiliser ce jeton pour frapper le DeadKnight NFT. Le jeton DKM peut également être utilisé pour le jalonnement, la gouvernance et … Read more

Real estate crisis: the price of land plunges by more than 80%! Real estate sales are collapsing… In the metaverse

Alpes de Haute Provence 4th edition of the Verdon relax festival on July

Not even a return to reality Land prices have collapsed by 80% in the metaverse, according to sector specialists. News that shows that the metaverse is indeed a world apart, not a projection of our world into the virtual. Land prices could never collapse by 80% of their value. In these virtual universes, with the … Read more